3 Ways To Get The Best Cup Of Coffee

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A lot of people swear by their single-serve coffee makers. With these coffee makers, you just pop a pod in it, hit the button, stick your mug under the spigot, and you get coffee. The next person to get coffee can get an entirely different kind or flavor of coffee, which is one of the biggest benefits to using a single serve coffee makers. If you want to get a better cup of coffee each and every time you make a cup of coffee, there are some hacks that you can try. 

Use Less Water

The more water you use, the more watered down your coffee is going to be. That's because the pods generally aren't designed to hold enough coffee grounds to handle a lot of water. Less water is going to mean a strong brew, which can mean a better cup of coffee for you. You may even want to consider using two pods to get a better cup of coffee. 

Go With a Bolder Roast

The bolder the roast, the stronger the cup of coffee is going to be. There are prepared coffee pods that have stronger brews that you can choose from, or as another option, you can get reusable pods. Using a reusable pod, you can choose the coffee grounds that you want and put those in the pod to use. That way you can get exactly the roast you want. 

Clean Your Machine

Another thing you can do to make sure that you are getting the best cup of coffee possible out of your coffee maker is to make sure that you keep it clean. That means running a pure water cycle every so often so that all the remnants of coffee are cleared out. You will also want to run white vinegar through the machine every so often. That will get rid of buildup and scale. Just make sure that you run a couple of water cycles through the machine afterward so that you don't get a vinegary taste. That would defeat the goal of making yourself a better cup of coffee. 

Coffee seems to be the addiction of choice for a great many people. Single serve coffee makers have made it much easier for people to get their favorite coffee or favorite flavors while other people can get their favorites without having to make a whole pot of each kind of coffee. Click for more tips and advice.