Three Ways To Build Customer Excitement For Your Mexican Restaurant

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The restaurant industry is full of competition, and you need to find a way to make your Mexican restaurant stand out to attract customers. Here are a few unique ideas you can use to grow your business and your customer base.

Go Back To Your Food's Mexican Roots

Research has shown that 66 percent of consumers now eat a wider variety of ethnic foods than they did just five years ago. You can leverage this trend by adding a few authentic dishes that don't always appear on Mexican restaurant menus. Consider looking at specialty dishes from different regions in Mexico to create a specialty menu for guests who want to try new things. You can devote a separate section to these items in your menu, or you can feature a specialty dish each night to keep your menu changing. Some menu items you can consider might include:

  • Yucatan lime soup
  • Veracruz-style red snapper
  • Acambaro bread

Be sure to advertise any new menu creations on your restaurant's social media accounts, and consider hiring a photographer to take professional pictures of the items to create more interest in the dishes.

Add Live Entertainment And Special Events

You can create a festive atmosphere in your restaurant by adding live entertainment. Mariachi bands are a good idea, but there are more options you can choose from to create excitement in your place. Consider hiring local Spanish-speaking bands to perform on the weekends to draw in date-night crowds, and hire a dance instructor to help customers learn how to perform traditional Mexican folk dances. During the week, you may even want to do some live cooking demonstrations or cooking classes. This lets you and your kitchen staff show off your talents for preparing Mexican food, and it gives your customers a way to learn how to make a few simple dishes.

Don't Just Celebrate Mexican Holidays

While events like Cinco de Mayo may draw in customers, be sure to include promotions for every holiday throughout the year. For Christmas, roll out a Mexican Christmas menu with favorites such as pozole and tamales. When it comes to uniquely American holidays, consider creating a fun fusion menu, combining some American classics with traditional Mexican foods. One idea might include hamburgers served on torta rolls with guacamole instead of cheese, served with a side of elote. Work with your kitchen staff to create unique menus for every holiday to give your customers a reason to stop by, and don't forget to share the menus on your social media sites. 

The key to making your Mexican restaurant stand out is to show your customers why your place is special. With great menu choices and fun entertainment options, you can create an exciting and welcoming environment for your customers.  Check out this post or other online resources to learn more.