Four Items You Need To Make Your Work Coffee Bar The New Employee Hot Spot

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A little caffeine may be necessary for many workers to get their day started in the morning and to get a little pick me up in the early afternoon. Instead of having workers go out for coffee or having to get coffee during the day and send someone out to pick it up, a coffee bar in the workplace is an easier, time-saving solution for busy workplaces. Here are four options that you should offer at your company coffee bar to help workers get energized and filled for the day, without filling up the budget. 

Coffee with several roast options

Some people may have a preference for blond roast, dark roast or robust coffee depending on their taste buds. Get an automatic coffee maker that provides at least a few of the popular options for coffee. A one cup coffee dispenser that can automatically dispense the coffee roast that the worker prefers is a good idea. Single cup brewers are an easy way to offer several coffee options that can be prepared within just a minute or two to each worker's specifications. 

Automatic coffee additions

Instead of having to remember to fill the sugar jars and instead of remembering to get soy and regular milk, make this process automated. Use an office coffee service that delivers necessary coffee condiments to an automatic condiment machine. With the push of a button, the coffee add-ons that one person prefers can be added to their cup within just a few seconds, and there is no cleanup necessary. This will also stop most spills from milk and decrease the litter of sugar packets around the office that cause more mess for maintenance. 

Small, tabletop ice machine

In the summer time, or in tropical climates where there tends to be heat and humidity several times a year, office workers may prefer iced coffee. Coffee can be chilled, then served over ice as the same caffeinated beverage that provides a cooling effect. A small tabletop ice machine will provide your workers with the ability to make iced coffee year to enjoy, as necessary. 

Small breakfast bars with different fruits

While keeping fruit may not be feasible due to the rate that it spoils, breakfast cereal bars with several dried fruit options are a good way to provide a small, healthy breakfast to employees. Being hydrated and having sustenance in the morning time makes for a less tired employee that is ready to work within a few minutes. Cereal bars tend to keep well and do not spoil as rapidly as fruits or actual cereal. These are also easy to grab and take back to the desk or take to a meeting. 

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