Be The Sun In The Clouds: Cheering Up Your Significant Other After A Depressing Day

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Though you may want to protect the love of your life from everything possible, there are times that you may not be able to. Bad things happen, such as getting fired, bad days at the office, and fall outs with other family and friends. If your significant other has had a bad day due to negative events, they may be somewhat depressed. The good thing is that you can always go about cheering them up. If you just got the news that your lover has had a bad day, here are some ways to make it better once they walk through the door.   

A new pair of nice pajamas

Slipping into a nice pair of comfortable pajamas and slippers can help a person feel better instantly. Get a pajama set in a pattern or design that you know they will enjoy. These can be found for an inexpensive price in soft cotton materials. Have the nice, new pair of pajamas with matching slippers waiting for them to change into after they get out of the bath. 

Order a comfort meal

A bad day calls for your significant other having a big comfort meal. If the weight of the day has caused a lot of stress, it may be hard for your significant other to cook or even want to go out for a meal. Instead of having them figure out dinner, have their favorite food delivered to enjoy by the time they get home. Be sure to have a little bit of everything that they enjoy available, so that they will be tempted to eat. For some, depression or sadness can cause a loss of appetite, but eating will be important for the energy that depression can take out of them. 

Have gourmet candies

Having a sweet temptation can help even the worst of moods. Order gourmet candies or chocolates online (from an outlet such as that can be delivered directly to the door. If you are not sure which candies would be preferred, order an assortment box so that both of you can enjoy something together.  After a nice dinner, sharing a box of candy while cuddling and talking over their problems can make them feel loved and comforted. 

Make a "thing that didnt change" list

After a bad day, it is a good idea to regain a sense of perspective. Help your significant other do this by creating a list of things that didn't change. Even after getting fired, hitting a financial snag, or having a fight with someone, there are always many positive things that are going on that didn't change. Seeing a list of these things can make the problem seem like one small obstacle, rather than a major issue that brought everything to a stand still.