Four Things You Can Make With Electric Food Processors That You Probably Didn't Know You Could Make

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If you have always looked at a food processor and thought, "yuck, why?" then you might be part of the majority that does not know that you can do more with electric food processors than just puree or chop food. In fact, you can make short work of a lot of foods and food prep with a processor. Some foods, and even drinks, can be made using a food processor. The following four things highlight some of the more amazing things you can use with this kitchen countertop appliance.

Drinks in a Food Processor? Yep!

Drink Option #1

Yogurt smoothies are very popular, and there is no end to the different ways you can make them. Some people make them with fruit and vanilla yogurt, or fruit on the bottom yogurt, or plain yogurt with some fruit juice. People with dairy intolerances skip the yogurt and make them with nut or plant-based milks, which can add a very interesting flavor to the drink. (To create yogurt texture without the yogurt in these dairy substitute versions, home cooks use chia seeds that have soaked in water overnight. When tossed in the food processor with the almond milk or other cow's milk substitute, the chia seeds thicken up the "milk" and create a substitute for yogurt.)

Drink Option #2

Another drink you can make in electric food processors is an old favorite for summer or any occasion. The margarita or strawberry daquiri are easy to concoct, since the processor can easily blend the ice, fruit, tequila and lime juice. Additionally, you can make a huge batch of this tasty adult beverage in the processor and pour servings directly from the processor's glass or plastic container.

Entire Meals in the Processor? Totally!

Complete Meal Option #1

If you love "BIG salads," then your food processor could become your new best friend. Most food processors come with a slicing and grating blade. This blade installs underneath the bowl cover for the processor, and when you drop your salad ingredients down the processor's chute, all of the ingredients are chopped, sliced, grated and tossed perfectly. All you have to do is open the lid (when the processor stops spinning) and dump all of your salad into a big bowl. You can even switch out blades and add grated cheese or chopped chicken or turkey before you dump it into your bowl.

Complete Meal Option #2

Want to try something a little more exotic? Perhaps a little more...French? Vichyssoise is a French soup often served cold, which means you can prepare the entire soup in the processor and then just eat it! Leeks, onions and potatoes are pureed into a thick paste before fresh, cold cream (full fat--don't hold back!) and chicken broth are added to smooth out the paste into a very palatable liquid soup. It is very rich and full of flavor, and you may find that you actually like cold soup often enough to make this more than once.