Fun Ideas For Sandwich Lovers

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Are you a fan of sandwiches, but sometimes you want something a little different? Are sandwiches too convenient for you to try making some other type of food for lunch? Sandwiches are great, but if all you ever eat are ham & cheese sandwiches on plain white bread, then you'll easily tire of this food. To avoid food burnout, it's a good idea to try different tastes and textures every now and then. Here are some ideas to pack in either your lunch or your child's lunch:

Sandwich sushi: Take a kaiser roll or two and separate or cut in half horizontally. Use a rolling pin to flatten the top and bottom parts. Put one or two thin slices each of meat and cheese on each of the halves. If desired, add a piece of lettuce and mustard or mayo. Roll up each half and pin with a toothpick to secure. Add two or three more toothpicks at regular intervals along this roll. Using a sharp knife, cut the rolled sandwiches in between the toothpicks, creating 3-5 pieces of "sushi" per kaiser roll half. 

Inside-out sandwich: A little messy, but fun. Instead of slices of meat in between two slices of bread, put once slice of bread in between two slices of meat. This works best with thick cut deli meat and regular sandwich bread, but you can experiment to find out what you prefer. When eating, it's best to either wrap this sandwich in wax paper or use a plastic sandwich bag as a holder. If you put a leaf of lettuce on each side of your sandwich as the new "bread," then that should act as a holder instead of paper or plastic.

Side-by-side sandwich: When making sandwiches, it's common to stack the different types of meats atop one another. Instead of doing that, put them side by side. Put the bottom half of your kaiser roll on your plate or cutting board and spread a little mayo or mustard onto the bread to act as a glue. Take two thin slices each of ham, turkey, and beef and roll each meat into a tube of its own. If you don't like these meats, then pick three different meats of your own. Lay each roll of meat onto the kaiser roll next to each other, pressing down gently to flatten the tubes and ensure that the mayo or mustard is helping them to stick. Take a slice each of two different types of cheese, such as cheddar and Swiss, and cut each slice in half. Stack the cheddar half on top of each other and place on the sandwich perpendicular to the direction of the meat rolls, so that the cheese is touching each of the meat types. Repeat for the Swiss. Spread mayo or mustard on the top piece of the kaiser roll and use it to close up the sandwich. If done correctly, your one sandwich should now have six different flavors. Click for more info about kaiser rolls.