Good Alternatives to Refined Sugar

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Consuming refined sugar—especially a lot of it— can cause continual sugar cravings, unhealthy levels of blood fat, and obesity. So, you should consider limiting the amount of refined sugar you consume or even completely eliminating refined sugar from your diet. You can do this by using artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes in place of refined sugar. Learn more about sugar substitutes so that you can make healthy changes to your diet.

Probiotics Sugar

Probiotics are yeast and live bacteria that help promote a healthy digestive system. They are already in your body. However, you can also find them in supplements and food. Taking a probiotic supplement helps balance the amount of good and bad bacteria in your gut to keep your digestive system running smoothly. So using a sugar substitute that contains probiotics is a good option. Also, some people believe that probiotics helped curb their sugar cravings, so probiotics sugar may be a good choice for someone with a severe sweet tooth.


Stevia is a natural sweetener that's derived from a green, leafy plant that's native to South America. It's sold to consumers in leaf form but more commonly as a liquid or a powder. Many people opt to replace refined sugars with Stevia because it's believed to have several different health benefits, including

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Decreases oxidized LDL cholesterol

Raw Honey

Raw honey can also be used as a substitute for sugar. However, it should be used on a limited basis because it naturally contains high levels of sugar However, keep in mind that the sugar contained in raw honey is natural sugar, not refined sugar. Raw honey has numerous health benefits. It's a natural antibacterial agent, promotes digestive health, is high in antioxidants, and helps boost your immune system.

Date Sugar

Date sugar is basically dried dates that are crushed into a fine powder. Date sugar is good for baking. However, because it doesn't dissolve like refined sugar does, you probably don't want to put it in your coffee.

Other Options

There are several other types of sugar substitutes that you can try, including:

  • Coconut sugar
  • Pure maple syrup
  • Molasses

Coconut sugar is a good replacement for brown sugar because it tastes more like brown sugar than it does white. Pure maple syrup and molasses are also both good options to try as replacements for refined sugar. Just make sure you use unsulfered, organic sugarcane molasses and maple syrup without high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients.

There are several alternatives to refined sugar. The key to excluding refined sugar from your diet is finding a sweetener that you like and learning how to use it. If you have digestive problems, probiotics sugar might be a good option. However, you might want to use date sugar for baking. It's entirely up to you.